At WLBL.TV, we are all about local business. There’s a difference between local business owners and local business leaders. The local business leader is the one that stands out from

WLBL-TV-Interviewthe pack one way or another. We can help you do that with two exciting choices that can position your business as the market leader.

  1. Expert Interviews

  2. Reputation Commercials


Most businesses don’t know the first thing about web video and how it fits into small business marketing. So understandably, they are shy about getting into web video. Our associate producers can take the pressure off and guide you through the process which will result in a compelling live interview that’s less than 10 min. long that you can then use to market your business however you wish.

Right now, there’s a tremendous opportunity for the small business who is willing to take steps to make web video an effective part of their local marketing. Tomorrow’s local business leaders are being made today. Leaders become leaders because of the marketing choices they make. Nothing is more powerful than video for creating a personal connection with potential customers. After all, people do business with other people.

3 reasons why you should do an interview

Your Businesses Reputation Commercials