Here are three reasons why you should do an interview:

  • Video is hot and a well-done video ranks well and fast! Remember, Google owns YouTube.
  • The average Business owner doesn’t know what to do, so with our help you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.


Local Business Leader TV InterviewsAssociate-Producer

An interview by local business leader TV, means that you get positioned as an expert in your field. Being positioned as an expert does not mean selling, it means giving value. Our skilled associate producers will help craft an interview that positions you as an authority in your field, by presenting useful information and advice to consumers that are searching for the product or service your company sells.

In short, our associate producers help you help your prospective customers make a wise decision. That makes you a recognized and generous expert rather than another salesman!

You can use your video interview anywhere you want

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn page
  • Local business listings
  • Loop it on a big screen in the window of your storefront

Get creative, sky’s the limit!

What businesses qualify for an interview?

  • If you sell products and services to local customers.
  • If you have a store or office in your town with the commercial address and business phone number.
  • If you are a business owner and want to position yourself as a local market leader and expert.

…then you qualify.

If you haven’t already been approached by an associate producer feel free to reach out and request an interview. There is no cost for this service, though that will change soon.

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